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BALZWERK® makes the difference


The design of our furniture is straightforward, objective and reduced to the essentials in terms of form in connection with a return to true craftsmanship. Individual and decorative - a wonderful stage for your special home accessories, books, flowers or framed pictures of your loved ones. Of course, all furniture with secret compartments includes the "Hidden and Safe" module - the clever protection of your most important secrets.


We certainly don't want to explain to the "inexperienced" thief or the curious visitor in your household exactly how the Hidden & Safe module works in detail. Only they know the locking system of yours BALZWERK® Furniture with a secret compartment. If the locking system is not known, the only way to get to the contents is to brutally destroy the furniture. Ours can go unnoticed BALZWERK® Furniture cannot be opened without the associated opening mechanism and so protect the wall shelves and furniture from BALZWERK® with an integrated secret compartment or safe/weapon cabinet all your valuables from burglars and unwanted visitors.

High-quality furniture fittings - refined by our specialized carpenters and precision mechanics masters. The combination of mechanical, electrical and magnetic functions results in the well thought-out BALZWERK® Hidden & Safe System for our furniture with a secret compartment.


Depending on the model and design, our furniture is available in the following materials and surfaces:

  • Real wood
  • high-quality real wood veneer
  • Refinement through multi-layer grinding lacquer structure
  • coated MDF

Scratch-resistant coatings using high-quality PU decor are also possible on the standard surfaces and are standard on some products. Doesn't that go with your home decor? We are also happy to manufacture the shelves with a secret compartment in other types of wood or colors - please contact us.


Our special foam inlays adapt to different objects that you use in your courtshipboard Want to store shelf with secret compartment. You can easily adapt and edit the flexible insert. So everything is safely stowed away and does not slip when you open your wallboards with secret compartment. And in our safe/gun cabinet, they ensure impeccable convenience and scratch resistance.


As a customer of BALZWERK® Furniture with secret compartments and safes/weapons cabinets, you can always be sure that we will listen to all your questions after you have bought them. If you need help with the assembly or questions about the attachment, we will be happy to assist you by phone or e-mail. We also look forward to any feedback on yours BALZWERK® Product, it was only through the lively exchange with our customers that we were able to further develop and constantly adapt our furniture with secret compartments. For this we would like to thank everyone again BALZWERK® thank customers!

your special order

you wish your BALZWERK® Furniture in a special colour, with a special wood and with specific dimensions? No problem, just make a non-binding inquiry. Together we will discuss your ideas and make you an individual offer.

  • Special colors
  • special wood
  • specific dimensions
  • special wishes


I am very happy with my courtshipboard. Great quality! The delivery was quick and also the communication with Balzwerk was super easy and relaxed. I would not hesitate to return a courtshipboard order.


Great design and high quality material! I received very good advice and my expectations were even exceeded! Great team!


my courtshipboard- unique! After seeing this awesome courtship via Instagramboards became aware of it, I immediately wanted one for myself.
Since it had to be custom-made, I contacted the team at Balzwerk on. The contact was absolutely professional, uncomplicated and very personable. I quickly received feedback about the production and shipping. The assembly was easy and uncomplicated. Now it's my unique eye-catcher and my quick secret hiding place! I'm excited!
Many thanks to the team at Balzwerk for the implementation of my wishes and the high-quality work!


Very satisfied with my courtshipboard, very simple installation!


Great products, very well implemented. Buy recommendation!


Very friendly boss. Stable company.


Fast cheap and good. Keep it up