A young team of craftsmen has developed a new, innovative furniture concept from their vision with manual skill and a lot of motivation. The best materials and technical know-how are the basis for our furniture, which should keep the most important and valuable things in your household safe and secret.

Rebekah & Alex

BALZWERK® was created in 2017 out of our own need and is now a brand that is indispensable in the security furniture segment. We are very pleased about this development. We are proud to always be the right partner for all of our customers through our constant innovation, new developments and their adaptation to the needs. Safety is our greatest incentive and that is why we work on all of ours every day with the greatest pleasure BALZWERK® Products. BALZWERK® created by Highland Motorcycles.

Highland Motorcycles what and
who is this? – Also Rebekka & Alex.

Highland Motorcycles was founded in 2014 as Alex's long-standing dream and has since grown into one of the largest customizers for American motorcycles in southern Germany.
And so Highland Motorcycles was born BALZWERK®...
In the first building we had the daily problem that the keys and important documents for the motorcycles always had to be taken to the safe on the upper floor. That means "Groundhog Day"
who is key boats today We were fed up, there had to be an alternative to be able to stow everything safely and inconspicuously in day-to-day business.
That's when she came up with the idea of ​​a shelf with a secret compartment.
The idea was perfect, now we were looking for the right piece of furniture with a secret compartment, unfortunately without success and then we started "do it yourself" can't be that difficult" we thought to ourselves.
Wrong thought, it wasn't that easy at the beginning. But since our motto has always been "there's no such thing as impossible", a solution had to be found and our ambition was aroused. Then it hung on the wall our first courtshipboard Flap black and inconspicuous.
All of a sudden, our customers and acquaintances asked us what kind of shelf it was and where we got this shelf with a secret compartment from, and that's how it all started...

Due to the rapid growth of Balzwerk and the great potential of our products as well as the constant further development and variety of new ideas and implementation options, Alex decided in 2023 to put his heart and soul into Balzwerk and handing over Highland Motorcycles to his longtime employee Tim.


Quite simply the first years became our project BALZWERK® accompanied by Tim and Reinhard and we were able to use the premises in Balzheim.
Since all our furniture with a secret compartment is real carpentry - Made in Germany - we came up with the name BALZWERK® suits us perfectly as it connects everything.
Due to the increasing number of customer requests for safes, our ambition was grabbed again, but for the time being we had no idea how we were going to realize it.

So how did the vault come about?

Doing breakfast at 05:13 in the morning.

Yes, you read that correctly while making breakfast, Rebekka couldn't let go of the idea of ​​placing a safe in our furniture and suddenly she had the idea. Nothing like going into the bedroom to share the good news with the still sleeping man. "Honey I've got it, we'll just put the safe in that Slider Board".

The reaction, roused from sleep at 05:20 in the morning, was not exactly met with enthusiasm and understanding. But then with full awareness and clear explanations of thought, the idea did not let go of anyone in the team. To store a safe/gun cabinet in our specially designed furniture.

And now he also stood there ours Balzblock, a safe/weapons cabinet kept neatly and inconspicuously in a piece of furniture designed for it.

In the many years we have had great partners at our side who implement all our visions with us. Only with this trust and the same ideas can all our customer requests be realized quickly and easily.

Our carpenters and metal workers have a very high level of quality awareness and treat all of our specially developed furniture with secret compartments and their metal constructions, as well as the safes and gun cabinets with the utmost care and precision.


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