insure safe 

When insuring your safe/safe and safe contents
prior consultation with your insurer is essential. Some insurance companies have special requirements regarding the insurability of safe contents that must be met.


  • Minimum safe weight
  • Professional anchoring system of the safe
  • Certification of the safe/safety cabinet
  • fire resistance
  • location of the safe
  • Choice of lock mechanism (electronic/mechanical)

Safe fire protection

In order to be reliably protected in the event of a fire, it is important to pay attention to the safe certification with regard to the effects of heat. A fireproof safe not only protects your valuables and most important documents and papers, both private and business, from theft, but also from fire or damage caused by fire.

A standard safe protects against theft, but not against fire and its consequences on data carriers, documents such as certificates or files, works of art, precious metals or cash. Depending on the type of safe, the fire protection of the contents is usually valid for 30 minutes, 60 minutes or 120 minutes. When choosing the fire protection of the safe, it is important to first decide which documents or material valuables are to be protected in it. For specialist advice on the fire protection of your safe/safe/safe, please contact our team.


Safe location

The location of the safe should be well thought out and chosen.
If possible, the premises in which the safe is to be anchored should only be used by you and should not be visible from the outside for potential burglars.

For professional assembly and anchoring of the safe, it is essential to consult our team beforehand Balzwerk Discuss your premises and the condition of the floor and walls for anchoring.

The specifications for the load-bearing capacity of the building and its transport routes must also be observed. If in doubt, the circumstances must be discussed with your architect before installing the safe.

The transport route must be designed for the weight and size of the product and there must be no goods on the transport route so that smooth delivery to the destination can take place.

Please note that all safes must be anchored with heavy-duty dowels using so-called push-through anchors. The wall must have a pull-out resistance of at least 50 kN (=kiloNewton), but this value can deviate and is prescribed by the classification society depending on the safe. If the wall conditions do not correspond to this value, professional anchoring cannot take place. Our experience shows that if the entire safe is stolen and removed, the first thing to do is to look for weak points in terms of the concrete quality of the anchoring area, since inferior anchoring areas have consequences under liability law, which we would like to point out.

An important point to note is that there must not be any supply lines such as gas, water, electricity and antenna lines at the installation site. To ensure that this is not the case, you are welcome to arrange an on-site appointment with our team.

Safe storage place for valuables in the private as well as in the commercial sector

Documents such as private documents, ID cards, wills, deeds, blueprints, insurance documents, securities, vehicle documents, savings accounts, cash, credit cards, jewellery/coins, souvenirs and/or heirlooms, gold, silver, pictures, videos, personal items as well Weapons and ammunition are documents and objects to be protected.
Since insurance companies often have different specifications regarding the insurability of safe contents, we recommend clarifying this with your insurer in advance.

Depending on the type of items or documents to be protected in the vault, your insurance company will provide recommended coverage. The right safe/safe can be selected based on these recommendations.

In the commercial sector, there are often even higher requirements for the choice of safe and the fire resistance it must have.
Essential documents for the company such as personal documents, customer data, tax statements, accounts receivable, insurance documents, accounting documents and cash can be stored in the vault. If these are no longer available, this could have a major negative impact on business operations.

The guidelines for the insurability of our certified safes can be found in the individual product descriptions. If you would like individual advice on this subject, please feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to getting in touch.

Safe protection classes

Choosing the right safe and the value protection class as well as the fire resistance is not easy - we know this and therefore our team of Balzwerk a perfectly tailored, individual and professional consultation. 
The initial situation is always important and decisive for the choice of your safe/safe – which documents or objects are to be protected.
The higher the value of the content to be protected, the higher the security level / resistance level of the safe should be.
There is no official obligation to certify safes. Please pay attention to existing certifications when purchasing, otherwise insurance cover may be void.
The testing institutes for certification and testing of safes are VDS, one of the world's largest institutions for corporate security, and ECB, a neutral, accredited certification body with more than 40 years of experience in the certification of security technology. The VDS also takes over the certification levels of the safes in terms of security levels/resistance levels. The testing organizations set resistance levels / security levels for safes across Europe using simulated burglaries.
In principle, a distinction is made between different types of safe classes, the EN 1143-1 value protection cabinet, the EN 14450 security cabinet and EN 1143-2 standard deposit or throw-in safes. 

Our safes according to EN 1143-1 are of course all certified and tested by the VDS testing institute. You can see the test seal for this on the inside of your safe.

Our standard safes are available in resistance levels 1-4, of course we can also design and offer resistance level 5 on request.

Balzsafe ONE resistance level 1
  • Resistance value: 30/50 RU
  • sums insured:
    private up to €65.000
    commercial up to €20.000*
Balzsafe TWO resistance level 2
  • Resistance value: 30/80 RU
  • sums insured:
    private up to €100.000
    commercial up to €50.000*
Balzsafe THREE resistance level 3
  • Resistance value: 80/120 RU
  • sums insured:
    private up to €200.000
    commercial up to €100.000*
Balzsafe FOUR resistance level 4
  • Resistance value: 120/180 RU
  • sums insured:
    private up to €400.000
    commercial up to €150.000*

*Data refer exclusively to the German market and may vary in third countries

We have a suitable solution for every request. Our team of Balzwerk We will also be happy to advise you on the subject of panic rooms, vaults, vault doors, disposition systems, fire protection cabinets and any other option to protect your valuables from burglary, theft and fire.

Safe locking mechanisms

Our standard safes with resistance levels 1-4 can be equipped with different locking mechanisms as required. Depending on the safe, the options available for resistance levels 1-3 are a key lock, a mechanical combination lock or an electronic combination lock. Other lock variants can be ordered at any time.

Resistance grade 1-3

key lock

The lock is a highly secure, mechanical double-bit lock. Each component of the lock is precisely adapted to the key - so improper opening attempts remain unsuccessful.
2 keys are included in delivery.

Mechanical combination lock

The mechanical combination lock (MZK) can be selected as an option and replaces the standard key lock. To open the lock, an individual 4-digit number combination is entered using the number wheel. The lock does not require batteries.

combination lock

The electronic combination lock (EZK) replaces the standard key lock. The high-quality electronic combination lock is opened via freely programmable user codes. The lock is battery operated and has the option of an external emergency power supply in the event of battery discharge.

Most of our safes/safety cabinets can be integrated into the intruder alarm system. This not only increases the security of your valuables, but possibly also the sum of the contents of your safe that needs to be insured. If you have any questions, please contact our team and we will explain the possibilities to you.

safe opening

We will be happy to support you in various situations relating to the opening of your safe/safety deposit box - regardless of whether it is a BALZWERKproduct or is from another manufacturer.

If you own a safe from us with an electronic locking mechanism, we recommend replacing the battery as a first step.

The instructions were enclosed with the delivery, if you do not have them to hand, please contact our customer service.

If the safe remains closed despite replacing the battery, the safe must be unlocked using an emergency opening. The emergency opening of a safe/safe must be carried out by a specialist, since the wrong approach to an opening can potentially damage the contents and the safe.

Our experts from Balzwerk are available to you here and also on other topics such as
such as key loss, key breakage, loss of the number combination, exchange of individual parts,
Conversions or retrofitting of other locking mechanisms are available at any time.

safe anchoring

Our BALZWERK The service and assembly team offers you the opportunity to professionally anchor your safe in your home.

In addition to the latest technology and experience in this area, we also have the necessary manpower. It is essential to take into account the statics of the transport route and the installation site, which must be designed for the weight of the safe.

We plan every assembly or anchoring date with our customers individually, and every customer can also receive instruction on request.
Before each safe is anchored, the circumstances are discussed with our customers. The installation location and the ground must be suitable for anchoring.

It must also be noted that every wall has different conditions, so we cannot guarantee the XNUMX% durability of the enclosed dowels and fastening screws. Suitable dowels and fastening screws for your wall surface can be purchased from specialist retailers at any time. The condition of the wall and the load-bearing capacity of the wall must be given for the installation. It must be ensured that there are no lines of any kind at the anchoring location.

All safes must be anchored with heavy-duty dowels using so-called push-through anchors. The wall must have a pull-out resistance of at least 50 kN (=kiloNewton), but this value can deviate and is prescribed by the classification society depending on the safe.
If the wall conditions do not correspond to this value, professional anchoring cannot take place. Our experience shows that if the entire safe is stolen and removed, the first thing to do is to look for weak points in terms of the concrete quality of the anchoring area, since inferior anchoring areas result in legal liability consequences, which we would like to point out.
There is always the option of anchoring your safe yourself. You will receive an anchoring set including anchoring instructions from us.

Our team will be happy to assist you Balzwerk Always on hand with questions about safe anchoring.

vault maintenance

Your safe protects your most valuable items and documents, so it also needs to be serviced from time to time to avoid long-term damage and loss of security of your valuables. Inside your safe there are precision mechanical components that need to be cleaned, greased, oiled and readjusted if necessary.

If you are already noticing changes to your safe, such as difficulties with the locking mechanism, worn/cracked door seals or noise when opening or closing your safe, please contact us immediately. Expensive consequential damage can be avoided in this way.


It is particularly important when it comes to safe maintenance that this is carried out by an expert so that the security standard of your safe is maintained.

Our team of BALZWERK We would be happy to advise you on the subject of safe maintenance, maintenance cycles, safe conversions, replacement or maintenance of individual components of your safe and the recommendation of a technician for safe maintenance in your area.

vault repair

Most of the reasons for repairing your safe are to replace wearing parts as a precaution or to repair individual components.
A lost key or a broken key in your double-bit lock, as well as loosening of components, such as handles or other mechanisms, can be easily and easily replaced by our experts.

If your safe is impaired, it is possible at any time, depending on the repair effort, that your safe can be repaired without any major visible changes and without reducing the security standard.

In the worst case, however, your safe was damaged by fire or burglary
damaged. A repair is usually no longer possible here.

If this is the case, our team will take care of it BALZWERK for one
Exchange incl. removal and recycling of the old safe.

Our experts are always at your disposal with their know-how and expertise
available, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Safe assembly service

When you buy your safe, you can choose whether you want delivery to the curb, to a destination, or have our delivery and installation tailored to your needs BALZWERK wish service team.
Depending on the size and selection of your courtship safe or Balzblocks are between 90 kg and 600 kg including a highly motivated and competent assembly team from BALZWERK on the way to you.

For this reason, a delivery should be discussed, planned and scheduled with you individually. Our assembly service team has the right equipment and vehicles, as well as the technical know-how, to carry out the safe assembly at your place.

Due to the usually high weight, we have to work with special means of transport, such as stair climbers, lifting tools and other special tools in order to be able to guarantee a safe and smooth process. With these specially designed devices, no stairs and no transport route are usually an obstacle for us. In special cases, the safe can be brought to the installation site from the outside using a crane or lifting platform. This procedure is usually common when setting up safe rooms or panic rooms.

Using special transport questionnaires, we can easily clarify all the general conditions with you in advance.
Another important point that needs to be clarified in advance is the load-bearing capacity of the transport route, the circumstances of the new fastening location and whether professional anchoring is to be carried out on your premises. After complete assembly and anchoring, our team will give you an introduction to the functions of your Balzwerksafe.

Our highest priority is that the delivery and assembly of your safe can be carried out with as little fuss as possible. We attach great importance to discretion, which is why our team comes to every order with neutral clothing and vehicles. The standard prices for delivery and assembly can be found in our FAQs under the Delivery and assembly tab.
If you have any questions about the assembly service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to contacting you.