vault types

Depending on the needs or requirements of you as a private individual or your company, the focus should be on the right choice of the right safe/safe. Before deciding on a safe, it is important to record the objects and documents to be insured and, if necessary, to discuss them with your insurance company. With the requirements of your insurer, we can advise you on the selection of the right safe.

We would therefore like to briefly explain the most common safe types to you below: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our BALZWERK® Customer Service


value protection safe

A value protection safe offers you the possibility to safely store different valuables, cash or documents. The content determines the recommended resistance level of your value protection safe.
There are five different resistance grades, which are assigned by the respective testing organization.

gun cabinet

Similar to the safe, the gun safe also depends on the content you want to keep. In principle, all-encompassing weapon storage is desired, which means storage of unlimited numbers of short and long weapons including ammunition. Another option is to store the weapon and ammunition separately. If a visible weapon storage is desired, there are weapon cabinets with a bulletproof glass front, which are also certified. A handgun safe is designed for safer storage of pistols, revolvers or other compact handguns and their ammunition storage. For the storage of long guns such as hunting rifles, shotguns and semi-automatic rifles, there is a long gun cabinet designed for this purpose. Since there is enough space in a long gun cabinet, long guns including handguns and their ammunition can be safely stored in it. This applies to long gun cabinets with resistance level 1 EN 1143-1. However, the legal provisions on gun storage in the respective country/state must always be observed.

Fireproof safes

Fireproof or fire-resistant safes are also often referred to as fireproof safes. They offer special protection in the event of a fire. In the event of a fire or the consequences of a fire, documents, cash or data carriers can be damaged. For this reason, there are safes that are specially designed to withstand the flames better through their insulation, processing and construction. Fire protection safes that are certified confirm certain internationally recognized standards for fire protection, for example by the European Norm (EN).

Gun rooms/ Gun room doors

If you prefer a gun room instead of a gun cabinet or would like to equip certain rooms for a gun room, this of course requires planning and advice. For this purpose, the clarification of the conditions on site is an important point in advance, as well as the access rights to the weapons room. If access to the vault is also possible for unauthorized persons, the design can be made possible by a separate gun cabinet in the existing room.

key safes

A key safe, colloquially also known as a key safe or key box, offers many companies or private individuals the opportunity to limit key release to authorized persons.

hotel safe

There are various designs, from small hotel safes in the hotel rooms, which are usually secured by an individual user code, to hotel safes with management systems that enable authorized persons to access certain data and objects.

Furniture Safe

A furniture safe is a safe integrated into a piece of furniture or converted from a piece of furniture. Furniture safes offer the great advantage that they are not immediately recognizable as a safe in the living room or in the business building. Here we have our refined, patented Balzblock developed and designed for you, so that your most valuable items can be integrated inconspicuously and securely in a safe in the living room.

Vault room/ vault door

If you would like a room or safe room or vault room instead of a single safe, we will be happy to design it with you. These rooms could also be used as a panic room, a special internal locking system is integrated here. If the vault is also used to store weapons, a separate weapon cabinet must be installed in the vault to limit access by unauthorized persons.

floor safe

Floor safes are usually built into the floor in a shell or renovation so that they can be sunk into the floor. Due to their high weight and the usually robust anchoring, removal is made more difficult. Our horizontal safe Balzsafe ONE is also suitable as a floor safe and can be embedded inconspicuously in the floor.

wall safe

The wall safe is built into the wall and thus offers a space-saving alternative to a standing safe. Another big advantage is that it can be integrated inconspicuously in the living room so that it is not visible at first glance.

deposit safe

A deposit safe is designed in such a way that objects or documents can be deposited. These objects and documents can no longer be removed by the person who has thrown them in, but lie inside the safe, which can only be opened and emptied by authorized persons. This system can be found in car dealerships, for example, to ensure that keys are thrown in securely outside opening hours.

document vault

A document safe protects important documents such as files, insurance papers and securities from unwanted access by unauthorized persons. This is also an important point, especially to ensure the GDPR in companies.

narcotics vault

A narcotics cabinet is a specially designed security cabinet for the healthcare sector such as doctor's offices, hospitals, nursing homes and above all pharmacies to ensure safe, authorized and controlled withdrawal of certain and prescription drugs.

privacy cabinet

When dealing with sensitive data, reference is often made to data protection cabinets, which must be subject to special requirements. This is also an important point, especially to ensure the GDPR in companies.

money safe

For private and business use, cash can be stored securely in a money safe and, if desired, fireproof. Furthermore, so-called money safes are also located in ATMs, which secure cash withdrawals at ATMs.

bank vault

The bank vault sector is a complex subject that involves a great deal of planning. Bank safes are subject to requirements ranging from small key safes to money safes to armored rooms with internal locker systems, all of which are linked to the security service and alarm system.

built-in safe

In addition to its safe protection, a built-in safe also offers a privacy screen on the safe, as it is integrated into furniture or wall structures. An integrated built-in safe must be well planned and the destination must also be suitable for it. Built-in safes are usually included in the planning for conversion or installation. Should a retrofit be desired, our Balzblock help with.

Lying safes / built-in safes for furniture and floors

Our horizontal safes are also VDS / ECB-S tested and certified safes / safes / gun safes according to standard EN 1143-1. Thanks to our specially developed and patented opening mechanism, the safe can be easily opened and closed despite its heavy weight. This system ensures that the lid always remains stably open and that it is not possible for the lid to slam shut unintentionally. This solution offers many advantages, especially with regard to space-saving and inconspicuous integration of the safe. It can be seamlessly integrated into existing furniture such as bed boxes, sofa boxes and floor openings. This allows you to make the most of valuable space without sacrificing any additional space in your home.

cash box cabinet

For private and business use, cash can be safely stored in a cash box cabinet and, if desired, fireproof.
There are also so-called cash cassette cabinets in ATMs, which secure cash withdrawals from ATMs.

safe panels

It is always possible to integrate a safe into the living space by means of a suitable cover designed for the safe. We design and construct a cover made of wood or other materials for your safe, according to your wishes and ideas.