Special design

Security furniture 2.0 We create uniquely conceived design furniture every day, which is made to customer needs and the furnishing style. We look forward to every challenge when it comes to custom-made products. This is how we can enable our customers to BALZWERK® Furniture with a secret compartment to be perfectly integrated into the existing furnishings.

Unique masterpieces have been created since 2017

And this is what makes our safety furniture 2.0 stand out:

  • Made in Germany
  • Regionality & Sustainability
  • Unique locking mechanism
  • The right locking system for everyone
  • Personal customer care
  • Very easy & quick assembly
  • Perfected soft open/close system
  • Custom made to suit everyone
  • Carpentry & technician know-how in connection with security technology

BALZWERK® makes the difference


Our passion can be combined with technical know-how, safety and design. Stylish elements that fit perfectly into the living space, are a real eye-catcher and at the same time protect the most valuable items from prying eyes and theft.

Construction & Planning

Professional advice including planning and development, also on site, is the basis for the realization of custom-made products. It doesn't matter whether it's the integration of the custom-made product into your existing facility or the conception into a shell.
Together with our designers, we make a wide variety of wishes possible: BALZWERK® Furniture with a secret compartment as well as various individual solutions with and without a safe/gun cabinet, to match the furnishings. The design pieces of furniture and safes are manufactured using professional software and 3D programs for visualization and their spatial integration. Our customers are therefore involved in the development at any time if they wish.

Design & implementation

Even from afar: We have been implementing special projects together with our customers since 2017, regardless of where we live, whether abroad or in Germany. We analyze the atmosphere and the design in the existing living space and add our suggestions to the living space concept using professional software. During production, our customers are informed about updates if they wish. The delivery and assembly/anchoring (if required) is scheduled together with our customers.


A high level of customer satisfaction is based on high-quality products, creativity and innovation, professional and binding advice, as well as result-oriented and trusting communication. Flexible and discreet installation, which is coordinated with our customers, is a matter of course for us. We understand trust as the constant checking of our partners and suppliers in order to ensure a smooth and secure process.

Finish living space concept

The atmosphere of each living room is unique. BALZWERK®️ Custom-made products are individually tailored to this design and perfectly complement any living space with a piece of security. We live the harmonization of technology and safety with design.

sustainability and environmental awareness

We love and live our daily work with materials from nature. That's why we always focus on sustainable and environmentally oriented action - from the purchase of our materials and resource-saving production in our plants to our sustainable supply chains and delivery. We also support regional environmental and sustainability programs.

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